JLPR Success Stories: Kush in Wynwood, FL
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Kush Wynwood

About This Project

Public Relations Success: Kush


When Kush set out to open in a desolate, low traffic area on the outskirts of Wynwood we knew we had to create a destination that couldn’t rely on pedestrian traffic. The location itself being a challenge, we knew we needed to get the pre-opening word out in a big way to then let the food (and craft beer) speak for itself.


We developed a strong media outreach campaign that involved a very creative mailer to set the tone for the out-of-the-box brand that is Kush. Thrillist’s Miami Editor said it was, “the most creative mailer I’ve ever received.” We believe him. We invited the who’s who of Miami foodies to come try the menu out and encouraged social media sharing through signage and subtle calls to action. We supported the grand opening campaign with media relations, and provided marketing support through digital marketing and aggressive social media strategies.


Within three weeks of announcing Kush’s opening, every major relevant outlet in Miami covered Kush. The weekend of the opening, there was a line outside just waiting to get in and it is still continuously packed. We are proud to say this is one of the most successful restaurant openings Miami has recently seen. Even the Miami Heat took notice and said it was “great!” Yup, that’s what we do and we love it! Upon completion of our project, owner Matt Kusher said, “Now I understand why you won PR Professional of the Year!”